Monday, September 22, 2008

Lil' Tad is growing up


i can't believe i have a Kindergartner. Seriously, where did the
last 6 years go?? and why do they have to fly by sooo dang fast!!
but... he's loving going to "big school" and is definitely
shining in school, school work-wise. He's still learning the
rules: keeping hands off walls, lines, his friends, talking too
much, staying on task, etc. BUT... he's working on it & we're
staying on top of any behavior issues. i'm not going to beat
him just yet! ;) (totally kidding.. by the way!!!!)

awww!! my lil' tad!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photohunt: Road


So i know i'm not "officially" part of the Photohunt Blogroll anymore, b.c well... i couldn't keep up with my blog. HAHA... but i still wanted to post! ;)

this is my hubby riding the 4-wheeler on a road in Oklahoma.
**we were basically the only ones staying in the cabins that weekend,
so the roads were all ours... :) **

i'm such a quitter

i'm so not good at keeping up with this blog...
i was doing sooo good for awhile... okay, like
2 years ago, but i guess i got distracted
by other things... my Mommy message board,
myspace, facebook... oops!

so i'm not going to promise anything, but
maybe i can start this up again.

we'll see... :)

happy friday!! tgif... or "GOF" as my
Lil' Tad said this morning!! heehee ♥