Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like... TEXAS?!?!?!

So we got our snow for the year... yup, year! I'd really like to see it make an appearance more than just a few days a year, but i'm also glad that we don't get BLIZZARDS like the Northeast does. No thank you, sir. Pretty sure i'd turn into a frozen popsicle. Lil' Tad, the hubby & Froggie Pup LOVED the snow and had a great time making it all disappear in our backyard!! The fall leaves were poking through the white in no time!

No snow ice cream for us though... just can't do it!! We have other friends that like to have this special treat with their kiddos... but the air just isn't the cleanest, you know. And i'm not usually one to worry about "germs" but I gotta draw the line on this one. Luckily, Lil' Tad doesn't have a CLUE about snow ice cream & fudge bombs work for him ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm on a roll....

2 months since my last post... about posting more! haha :) And what prompted me to even THINK about my blog today, you ask... I was reading some really AWESOME Mommy blogs that someone posted on facbook! Sarcastic, witty, down-to-earth, in your face... LOVE IT!!! I know I have it in me... :) Besides, i've got to start documenting more of Lil' Tad's funny stories & adventures before he becomes Big Teenager Frog!! We've got a few years... at least 5, but at this rate, he'll be 13 before I know it!