Sunday, April 30, 2006

it's alway somethin'...

I knew it was about time for something to break around the house! It's been awhile since we've had to fix anything and low & behold... our hot water heater freakin' catches on FIRE!!! OMG! I have no clue what caused it (????)- but we're very lucky it went out quickly & didn't catch our home on fire!

It also flooded our hallway and our bathroom - so you know how GOOD our house smells right now!!! *sigh* Hubby is at Lowe's, as I type this, picking up a new hot water heater & a wet vac. Sounds like very interesting evening is in store for us! We did convince one of hubby's friends to come over & help in exchange that we would feed him some dinner & provide some "refreshing" beverages! :) Hopefully it won't be TOO bad!

What a way to end the weekend!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

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This week's theme: OLD

I chose this picture of my grandmother (on the right) taken in October 1940 - with 2 other children. (cousins maybe?? not sure) It just has their 1st names & the date on the back. I love how *tough* my grandmother looks! :) It also reminds me alot of my father & uncles. My grandmother passed away in 1996.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Vacation on my mind...

I got my Carnival Cruise newsletter in the mail yesterday... so now I really have vacation fever!! And hubby has never been on a cruise & think he wants to go! Not sure about this summer or not... but gosh, how I'd like to be at the beach right now!
Hubby LOVED our snorkeling experience in Mexico last year, so hoping I can use that to get another vacation out of him ASAP!

*Another Isla pic*

I'm beach dreamin'... maybe it will make today go by faster!! TGIF!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I Want/Need To Do This Summer

1. Take another trip to Isla Mujeres Mexico. (and let Tad tag along this time)
*see my Wordless Wed*

2. Re-paint the inside & outside of our house. The yellow/beige & brown has to go!!

3. Take advantage of my mornings off - and hang-out by the pool!

4. Go camping! We used to go camping all of the time - but Tadpole hasn't even been once! What's wrong w/us?? And maybe my parents will meet us out there with their boat so we can do some tubin'!

5. Re-do our gameroom! I'm thinking maybe a Marilyn Monroe/James Dean type-theme... although I think my hubby would rather have something more like Nascar or fishing!
We'll see... :)

6. Visit Six Flags Over Texas more than once! I think Tad will enjoy seeing the Justice League - who are putting on a few shows this summer! (think Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash, etc)

7. Catch up on my scrapbooks! I'm so behind... plus I really enjoy doing crafty things like that!

8. Either have a few garage/yard sales or ebay some of this JUNK that we have accumulated - You can hardly open up the door to our 3rd bedroom aka junk room!

9. Do something about my crazy backyard...It's an over-grown jungle!

10. Visit family & friends - my grandmother "Giggy", hubby's grandparents, my friend, Lisa, in IL.

11. Break out the 4-wheelers

*that's my Dad & little Tad a few years ago! Tad was BORN to ride!* And don't worry...we're always careful when Tad is w/us and only go on flat ground @ like 3mph!

12. Have a big bash for my sister's engagement! She's getting married in Sept - and I'd like to do something for her in August!

13. Another roadtrip... Broken Bow/Beaver's Bend, Oklahoma
Hubby & I went a few years ago! It was so relaxing & peaceful! Definitely an escape from the busy world! Rivers Edge Cottages is where we stayed and WOW! It was so beautiful there!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Update

*Out to eat w/family - Fisherman's Market for some shrimp & crawfish *YUM* for (my lil' sis) 22nd Birthday!

The hand-signs my Dad & hubby are doing stand for 22! lol Dorks!
*Actually stayed out until 1:45am *WOW* & had a few refreshing beverages w/sister, her fiance, and friends.
*My friend, Leslie's, little boy turned the big ONE! I can't wait to see his messy cake pics! Always so cute! :)

*Rode our cool Batman scooter, played in the sprinkler, washed the inside & outside of the xB. It looks so shiny & pretty!

*Ate at Hot Dog Express - Tadpole loves the cheesy fries and outdoor patio.
*Played a game of mini-golf. The hubby thought he had some sweet moves - but I stayed right there w/him and we ended up tying!! HAHA Of course, we HAD to play the arcade/ticket games inside & win prizes for Tadpole- 4 cars, a friendship bracelet, a spinner top, and a spider back-stratcher!! ha! All was happy!
*Another b-day party for Tadpole's classmate "M" who turned five. We've known his family for 10+ years - so had a good time sitting under the patio & talking while the kiddos jumped in a Monster Truck Spacewalk.

*Ate at Casa Ole - TexMex food. The chips & green sauce hit the spot!
*And here we are now... I'm about to watch Desperate Housewives & Grey's... and my boys are "hustlin'" aka wrestling!

I even managed to wash a few loads of laundry & keep the kitchen clean! (although it was pretty easy since we only ate breakfast here all weekend!)
I think we had a pretty good weekend... went by way TOO fast though, for sure!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Casie

1. Wow! It's been almost a month since I posted last!! Slacker!
2. I've been loving my Froggie-mobile! It's so fun & cute! :)
3. It's getting HOT in here!! Upper 90's already! Tadpole & Grandpa have already been in the pool!
4. I'm so jealous that Tracy is gonna see Kenny tonight!! *Sneak your camera in, girl!!* haha
5. Last night was rough! Tad's asthma has flared up again & he had alot of wheezing going on last night & we were up every 2 hours or so!! *yawn*
6. Dr Hudson put Tad on steriods to help w/his asthma! This ought to be a GREAT (note sarcasam) 5 days!!
7. My little sis turns 22 tomorrow! We're going out to dinner w/the family!
8. I really need to start tanning... and start exercising, even if it I just start off with walking around the neighborhood. Didn't say this already like a month ago?
9. We got a new computer at work! YAY! Now to find a childcare/book-keeping program!
10. We've got 4 birthday parties this weekend! I don't think we'll be able to make them all, but hoping to catch a few if Tad starts feeling better!
11. I need a new blog! Something cute & fresh! (I'll probably need some help!)
12. I hope we are able to get out more this summer! I definitely want to do some camping, 4-wheeler & boat-riding... soak up some sun!! :)
13. Congratulations to our family friend - Katherine & her new hubby, Danny!
They've been married almost 2 weeks! Awwww!

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